Mr Kropp

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Mr Kropp, 20 years old, likes producing music. 

He started producing music only as a hobby, somewhere in 2010, making some experiments on music soft's (FL, Reason) genres like :electro, hip-hop, dnb and others. 
From one day, thingz bagan to be more serious, because he wanted more from his tunez. 

So, he prefered to work mostly on DUBSTEP. In present, he uses Ableton Live 9 & Reason 5.

'5 years ago, first time when I heard dubstep was from a friend. He was listening Rusko - Woo boost and I was very surprised how sick can sound. So yeah.. I like dubstep better than other styles.'

  • For collabz or other thingz , my aim is: mrcroppdubstep


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